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Next Generation Office Coffee Machines

As another year comes to a close, we find ourselves equipped with new solutions and innovations on office coffee machines. A booming market in Australia, dominated with no discussion by Saeco, who never fails to surprise us with avant-garde technology, innovation, simplicity and versatility. It is these factors that make the new Saeco Aulika the current benchmark of mid-range office coffee machines.

Why? Well, first of all it is derived from the legendary Saeco Royal Cappuccino, a name that for the past ten years has resonated durability, reliability and superiority above all office coffee solutions in that range. Working on this extremely successful concept, Saeco has produced a formidable evolution which may very well open the doors to another legend in office coffee solutions. So what makes the Saeco Aulika the perfect candidate?

One of the main factors is its generous capacity which does not require it to be hard-plumbed as would similar machines of that range, thus eliminating expensive installation fees and filter changes. With a four liter water tank and one kilo bean hopper we now have a machine that caters to one hundred cups of coffee before having to refill and only weighing 20 kg it can easily be relocated without fussy water connections and filters.

But what about the drinks? All the features you would want in an automatic office machine: the one-touch function to prepare a cappuccino or latte with a single touch; a coffee pre-brewing option and steam wand for the snobs: new design milk auto-frother for healthy office snacks with consistent delivery with no loss of heat; an electronic level adjustment from a user-friendly menu plus a new “special beverages menu” with additional selections to choose from including “Americano”, hot milk, and hot water.Visit their website now!

For those that have lost faith with automatic milk frothers you will have to reconsider on the Saeco Aulika. The delivery of the milk is absolutely superb! No more “luke warm” comments on your coffee, no more mucking around with temperature controls and different milk hoses… this milk is hottttttttt… !! As for the froth delivered it is fantastic: creamy, no spluttering and aesthetically beautiful.

office coffee machinesWe can definitely say this coffee machine pours with true charm and delivers an exceptional product at the touch of a button. With its stylistic – feature -packed design, the Saeco Aulika is destined to pave the way for a new generation of office coffee machines bringing and easy and versatile coffee solution to your workplace. No jokes here, the Italians sure put their wits to the test this time.

Here comes the automatic coffee machine …excellent concept with beverages available at the push of a button, but the problem until recently was that it deliver instant coffee and not very good at that. In desperation, commonly early in the morning or during the night work shift, the buttons did eventually get pressed, but grudgingly at that!Learn more about office coffee machine from http://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/article/12262593/inside-the-new-corporate-coffee-culture

The good news for those who like office coffee service is that the coffee machine producers have made great development with automated fresh brew systems. Today you can put fresh beans into a coffee vending machine, along with really decent powdered cappuccino milk powders, and after 20 seconds the beans have been ground, the coffee drawn down and the dairy powder whipped up to provide a coffee shop quality cappuccino.

This office coffee machine is an absolute stunner in every sense of the way… keep ’em coming Saeco!

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